Casio FX-82ES Plus Scientific Calculator Edition , , ,


  • Fraction calculation.
  • Logarithm log.
  • List-based STAT data editor. Approved for all levels of NCEA examinations.
  • Standard deviation.
  • Paired-variable statistics regression analysis.
  • Table function.
  • 9 variable memories.

Casio Scientific Calculator FX-82 ES PLUS Series 2nd Edition The new and upgraded fx-82A PLUS II 2nd Edition scientific calculator includes a new ‘Prime Factorisation’ function. The fx-82A PLUS II 2nd Edition incorporates all the features and operations of the existing fx-82A PLUS and more. When combined with the benefits of our Prime Schools PLUS program, the fx-82A PLUS II 2nd Edition is more than just a calculator. The Casio FX82A PLUS II Scientific Calculator is ideal for students of all ages right through to university.

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